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Crystalbrook Sam

The hotel will offer a premium lifestyle brand of five star quality.


The design of the building is a contextual response that manages differences in scale and building proportions to maintain a cohesive streetscape. The design includes a defined masonry building base which relates to the streetscape, the two adjoining buildings and pedestrian scale. The upper component, being the hotel guest rooms relates to the massing of nearby, large scale buildings.

Drawing on the site’s context and history as an industrial area, the angled geometries of saw tooth roofs have informed the plan outline as we sought to bring northern light and views into strategic locations towards the back of the site. These angled geometries are expressed as strong, vertical elements and result in a building exterior that is strongly modelled and has architectural detailing consistent on all four sides.

Current, Hotels and Hospitality
Key Statistics
  • Number of Storeys: 13
  • Number of hotel bedrooms: 202
  • Status: Planning Consent Granted
  • Main Render: MF Studios