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A commitment to evolution.

At PACT, we believe power lies in the process. And ours is a rigorous one that starts with a question, and ends with a promise. A promise to design with creativity. To consider function as much as we do invention. And to always keep the commercial goal in sight.

We’re not just here to design buildings…

At PACT Architects, we see our roles as architects a little differently. We’re not just here to design buildings. We’re here to ask questions. To listen. To create. And to pay such careful attention to people and process, that the end result is everything it needs to be, if not more. This is why our methods are rigorous, and our results proven.

We started as Pruszinski Architects some 25 years ago with a focus on delivering the best solution for every project, and every client. And while we have evolved since then, that commitment has never wavered.

PACT is a promise.

Because we understand what our work means, in the real world. That it must be able to answer questions of utility in the same breath as those of beauty. And that it shows how our directors, who have each been part of this company for more than a decade, work as a team towards the same goal.

As the next evolution of Pruszinski Architects, PACT is a promise. A commitment to ourselves, and to you. We will continue to work hard, to listen, and to let our work speak louder than our words.